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Fexofenadine allegra least sedating, even in higher doses loratadine claritin sedating at higher doses less potent than allegra and zyrtec cetirizine zyrtec and levocetirizine xyzal may be sedating even at normally recommended doses hydroxyzine analog ; reported by 10 of patients more rapid onset than other non-sedating antihistamines 1 hour instead of 3 hours only significant if antihistamine is taken as needed instead of daily .

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If so, the medicine may take the podium as one of the four best-selling allergy brands zyrtec and claritin currently top that list, with allegra, launched last year, beating out all other cough-cold and allergy tablet brands with more than 220 million in sales through december.

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if you have a history of difficulty in swallowing tablets or any medical problems associated with swallowing abnormalities, you should not take claritin-d 24 hour.


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