• Strength Member: stainless steel
  • Easy of use and quick installation
  • Safe protection to optical fiber splicing
  • Temperature and humidity tolerant

Standard Structure

  • 3 layers
  • EVA Resin Adhesive
  • Outer Tubing ; 2:1 ratio, irradiated polyolefin heat shrinkable tubing

Product List

Item No. Strength Member Supplied I.D Recovered O.D Remark
ST-15-60 A? 1.5 x 58A�0.1 1.3A�0.1 2.6A�0.2 60A�0.1
ST-10-60 A? 1.0 x 58A�0.1 1.6A�0.1 2.4A�0.2 60A�0.1
ST-10-45 A? 1.0 x 43A�0.1 1.6A�0.1 2.4A�0.2 45A�0.1
ST-10-40 A? 1.0 x 40A�0.1 1.6A�0.1 2.4A�0.2 42A�0.1

Technical Data Sheet

Shrinking Temperature 90 ~ 120 Normal OperationA� Relative Humidity a��90%
Radial Shrinking Rate (%) >50 Spark-over-Strength (kV/mm) a�?20
Axial Shrinking Rate (%) <3 Tensile Strength (Mpa) 20
Low Temperature Property No Crack at -55A�C lasting 4 hours Loss at -40A�C 0.01dB
Normal Operation Temperature (A�C) -40 ~ +65 Loss at +60A�C, RH95% 0.01dB