Access Terminal Box




Goldtel has designed Access Terminal Box (ATB) for protecting and terminating fiber optic drop cable and/or patch cords in the FTTH networks. ATB is compact and cost-effective, and being used for the indoor closure.
This ATB accepts the field-installable connector, fusion splice, 1×4 splitter and 1×4 coupler for termination.

Features and Benefits

  • Compact design for installation on the wall as well as inside the terminal panel.
  • Two screw mounting holes can be compatible with the size of the wall switch and telephone box.
  • This box protects drop cable and other related optical fiber connection from accidental damage.
  • Two inner holders retain up to two fusion splice sleeves or splitters/couplers.
  • Inner storage area allows the minimum bend radius to prevent micro bends and attenuation.
  • Two adapter slots allows up to two SC Type duplex adapters.
  • Removable cover is designed for easy access.

Technical Specifications

Dimension (mm) 117 x 88 x 29
Weight (g) 75
Cable Count 1
Cable Count 2 Duplex SC Adapter max.
Connection Type Fusion splice, mechanical splice or Field assembly connector