field installable connector

field installable connector

Field Installable Connector


Field Installable Connector


The patented Goldtela��s Field Installable Connector (FIC) is cost-effective, and is designed for reuse, ease of installation, optical attenuation from 1dB to 20dB, and Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) for fiber line monitoring system. FIC requires no field polishing or epoxy, so no heat cure devices or special toolings are needed to terminate the fiber. It takes about one to two minutes per fiber to install a connector out in the field.

Features and Benefits

  • Cost effective and reusable
  • Easy to deploy fiber solution, such as FTTH and Optical Networks
  • Applicable for Field installable attenuator and FBG for fiber line monitoring system
  • No field polishing or epoxy required
  • Patent: Patent No. – US 7,712,971 B2, Japan 4503648, EU 1774381 and Korea 0507543

Technical Specifications

Specificiations for GSC and GLC

Parameter SM : SC/PC, LC/PC MM : SC/PC, LC/PC
Fiber Type Single Mode : Multi Mode :
9/125 A�m 50/125 A�m, 62.5/125 A�m
Insertion Loss Max. a�� 0.5 dB Max. a�� 0.5 dB
Avg. a�� 0.3 dB Avg. a�� 0.3 dB
Reflectance a�? 40-50 dB(PC/UPC), a�? 50-60 dB(APC)
Operational Temperature a��30 ~ 75A�C
Storage Temperature a��40 ~ 80A�C
Tensile Load (on 900 A�m) 0.55 lb (250g) Load a�� 0.2 dB Change

Mechanical and Environmental Characteristics

Process Method/Condition Specifications
Durability Test 100 matings Deviation in insertion loss a�� 0.2dB
Vibration Test Vibrating the connectors for 2 hours at
amplitude of 1.52mm (A�0.75mm) with
the frequency sweeping continuously
between 10 and 55Hz at a rate of 45Hz
per minute, 1 cycle is 4 minute.
Deviation in insertion loss a�� 0.2dB
Impact Test Accidentally dropping the connectors
from 4 m height, repeat 8 times
Deviation in insertion loss a�� 0.2dB
Transmission with
Applied Tensile Load
Appling loads using the tensile test
facility a�� 3N load, last for 60 sec
Deviation in insertion loss a�� 0.2dB
Thermal Cycle Test Temperature -40A�C to 75A�C each cycle,
21 cycles, 168 hr. (7 days)
Deviation in insertion loss a�� 0.2dB
End face
Geometry Test
Interferometer Apex offset: 0~50um
Radius of Curve: 7~25mm
Protrusion/Undercut: A�100nm
(APC Only) APC Angular Tolerance:
7.850~8.050 degree

Specifications for GAC and GBC

Parameter SM : SC/PC, LC/PC SM : SC/PC, LC/PC
Fiber Type Single Mode : Single Mode:
9/125 I?m 9/125 I?m
Attenuation 1 dB ~ 10 dB N/A
Wavelength Type N/A 1310nm, 1550nm, 1650nm