FIC Information

Information of the field installable connector

As FTTH market is growing more and more in the world, the subscriber numbers will be increasing dramatically by 2015. When the carriers provide an FTTH connection to home, a field installable connector is definitely to be the basic component for every subscribers to terminate fiber instead of fusion splices, which should be required for special skills with expensive fusion splicer. Compared to the fusion splicing, the field installable connector is quite fascinating solution to cut down the cost of the installation and save time as well, and now it has become one of the essential components for FTTH. The requirement of the field installable connector (FIC) is equal or double to the number of FTTH subscribers in the world.

Goldtel has developed the field installable connectors based on mechanical splice techniques that the fiber from drop cable is mated with the pre-installed fiber in a capillary of the connector. When assembling a connector, the fiber should be stripped and cleaved precisely, then it should be inserted in the capillary. The plate and the holder for the fiber holding parts are to compress the well-cleaved bare fiber to sustain the minimum tensile load, and this method to hold the fiber is the patent granted in 2005 for the first time in Korea, and now has obtained the patent for US, Japan and EU. The FIC should be designed for easy installation out in the field, and compatible with all kinds of the cable size. Therefore, Goldtel has made this connector available for 96 different types depending on fibers and cables, and designed for reuse to maximize the efficiency of the installation.

FIC Information

FIC Information2

As shown above charts, the reliability test for reuse has been conducted for SC/UPC, flat cable (3.1×2.0mm) type and one field installable connector was used for 30 times of assembly. For an assembly process, the fiber was stripped, cleaved and inserted into the connector and it started over again and again for another assemblies. As a result, the attenuation and the reflectance were constant from the first to the end. And thermal cycle test was performed by KOPTI (Korea Photonics and Technology Institute) at the wavelengths of 1310 nm and 1550 nm with temperature changes from -40 to 75 degrees, as shown below chart.


Fiber Matching Method

The capillary tube is used for matching the fibers. The fiber is inserted into the tube with +0.5um tolerance of inner diameter, which means it secures higher yield of connectors with lower attenuation.



Goldtel has been certified ISO 9001 and has followed TL 9000 standard as the quality management system since 2004. And the institute for research and development was established in the same year of 2004. New Technology for the field installable connector was obtained from the Korea Government in 2005. And to enable to export the product abroad, the FIC has been certified for RoHS and REACH (the European Community Regulation on chemicals and their safe use), and now preparing UL certification as well. In 2012, Goldtel awarded High Technology Firm for the field installable connector and the mechanical splice from the Ministry of Knowledge Economy (MKE) of the Korean Government.

Capability of Production

The target number of the production for the field installable connector is up to 10,000 pcs per day. However, the employee numbers of the production line for Goldtel is 24 person and it is not sufficient for manufacturing such large quantity. To prepare mass production with limited employees, Goldtel has developed the cutting-edge automation system to produce a core part of the field installable connector since 2010. And three automated production facilities has been equipped and these machines has facilitated the mass production. One machine can make 5,000 pcs of the core part of the connector in 8 hours, which means 10 person should make the same amount of the part in a business hour. So, now, Goldtel is able to produce up to 15,000 pcs of the FIC with three machines in a day, and the machines may be increased depending on the quantity.