Mechanical Splice




The patented Goldtel’s Mechanical Splicer (GMS) is cost-effective, and is designed for reuse and ease of installation. The GMS requires no special tooling to facilitate the termination of the fiber. It takes approximately one to two minutes per fiber to install a mechanical splice in the field.

Technical Specifications

Dimension (mm) 40mm(L) x 4mm(W) x 4mm(H)
Fiber Diameter 125 I?m
Coating Diameter 250 / 900 I?m
Insertion Loss Max. a�� 0.2 dB, Avg. a�� 0.1 dB
Reflectance a�? 40 dB
Operational Temperature a��30 ~ 75A�C
Storage Temperature a��40 ~ 80A�C
Tensile Load (on 250 I?m) 300g Load a�� 0.2 dB Change

Assembly Instruction

1. GMS Components
1. Insertion Guide 2. GMS 3. Matching Ruler

2. Fiber Preperation
Mark the points as shown above on the 0.9mm tube.

3. Stripping the Fiber
Stripping and wiping the fiber.

4. Cleaving the Fiber
Position end of fiber jacket at 10mm scale and cleave the fiber with thethe cleaver.

5. Fiber Insertion
Insert the fiber gently into the slide holder until the mark point, and lock the slider holder. And do this procedure once again for other side.

6. Finish GMS
Finish assembly.