Solar LED Lamp



  • LED Lighting
  • Solar charging and 20 hours of continuous use when fully charged
  • Charging with AC Adapter as well
  • Sending distress signal (Emergency and diaster)
  • Circuit protection for overcharge, over-current and over discharge

Technical Specifications

Battery capacity Li-ion Battery 10.8V (LG Chem.)
Usable time Continuous use 20 hours from fully charged (Max. brightness level)
Charging method Solar cells, AC adapter
Charging time Solar cell – 7 hours, AC adapter – 3 hours 40 minutes
Power consumption (W) 3W(10.8V hearings voltage x 0.250A)
Brightness Directly illumination (Clear Lens) 1m=105 lx
Operating temperature -20 ~ 60°C
Charging temperature 0 ~ 45°C
Solar cell 15W, 16.5V, 850mA
AC adapter None
Dimensions 110(Ø) x 189(H) mm
Weight 0.596kg