Dry Core Jumper Cord




Dry Core Patch Cable is to be shipped with the connectors mounted at both ends of 4~12 Dry Core Cable, requiring no fusion connection at the job site for easy installation.


  • Use of optical fiber or tight buffer available
  • Enhanced Tensile Load employing stranded steel wire or FRP
  • Ease of handling with flexibility and light weight
  • Easy removal after temporary cable laying
  • Coating material : Flame retardant PVC, PU, LSZH and etc.(Certified with UL-OFNR, GOST)
  • Operating Temperature Range : i??20~70a�?


  • Emergency Recovery

Technical Specifications

Type Status Attenuation Value Unit
Min. Typ. Max.
Connector Insertion Attenuation IEC 61300-3-4, against reference plug a��0.25 0.30 dB
Reflection Attenuation IEC 61300-3-6 50 55
Operating Temperature Storage -40a�?~70a�?
Operation -20a�?~70a�?
Cable Min. Bending Radius 25mm
Installation Tensile Load 150 kgA�f
Laying Tensile Load 180 kgA�f

Optical Attenuation

Item Fiber/
850nm 1300nm 1310nm 1383nm 1550nm 1625nm
Attenuation (dB/km) Singlemode (9/125) a��0.40 a��1310nm a��0.30 a��0.35
Multimode 50.0/125 a��3.00 a��1.00
62.5/125 a��3.50 a��1.50