Dry Core Optical Cable

Dry Core Optical Cable

Dry Core Optical Cable




Dry Core Cable is an optical fiber cable offering the competitive cost by reducing the volume and weight for easier cable laying and installation, as the cable is manufactured not using the jelly compound filler on the contrary with the loose tube type optical fiber cable. Tensile Load and compression characteristics are enhanced by inserting two steel wires or FRP, offering protection for optical fiber and tight buffer from physical impact from outside with the gap provided inside the cable thereby resulting in excellent optical and mechanical characteristics. Variety of cable types is available depending on the number of cores of optical fiber cable and installing location.


  • Applicable for conduit and aerial installation
  • Use with both optical fiber and tight buffer available
  • Easy connection of optical fiber connector
  • Excellent mechanical and optical characteristics
  • Coating material : Flame retardant PVC, PU, LSZH and etc.
  • Operating Temperature Range : -40~70℃


  • Conduit, Duct, Aerial Laying
  • Luxury Condominium & Common Housing (FTTH)
  • Office Buildings, Government Offices
  • CATV, Internet cafe

Technical Specifications

Item Class Outer Diameter (mm) Weight
Max. Tensile Load
Min. Bending Radius(mm)
No.of Cores Type Installation Operation
Rectangle 2~12 F 3(H)X6(W) 28 150 D X 20 D X 10
2 TBF 4(H)X8(W) 48
Circle 2~12 F 7.0 53 150
2~4 TBF 6.3 47
Fig-8 type 2~4 F 7.7(H)X2.7(W) 25 150
2~12 TBF 11.0(H)X7.5(W) 50

Optical Attenuation

Item Fiber/
850nm 1300nm 1310nm 1383nm 1550nm 1625nm
Attenuation (dB/km) Singlemode (9/125) ≤0.40 ≤1310nm ≤0.30 ≤0.35
Multimode 50.0/125 ≤3.00 ≤1.00
62.5/125 ≤3.50 ≤1.50