Ribbon Cord Cable



The Ribbon Cord Cable is designed to allow easy connection within tight space by arranging the 4~12 core optical fibers in regular distance. Use of Ribbon Cable allows realizing the economical efficiency resulted from reduced connection cost and work.


  • High density optical fiber cable
  • No. of standard optical fiber cable core: 4, 8, 12
  • High Tensile Load
  • Ease of connection
  • Coating material : Flame retardant PVC, PU, LSZH and etc.
  • Operating Temperature Range : -20~70℃


  • Mutual connection between equipment
  • Able to connect inside panel board and workstation
  • Distribution network of main line

Technical Specifications

No. of Cores Outer Diameter (mm) Weight (kg/km) Max. Tensile Load (kg·f) Min. Bending Radius (mm)
Installation Operation
4 20X2.2 9.5 50 D X 20 D X 10
8 4.3X2.2
12 4.3X2.2

Optical Attenuation

Item Fiber/
850nm 1300nm 1310nm 1383nm 1550nm 1625nm
Attenuation (dB/km) Singlemode (9/125) ≤0.40 ≤1310nm ≤0.30 ≤0.35
Multimode 50.0/125 ≤3.00 ≤1.00
62.5/125 ≤3.50 ≤1.50