Specialty Jumper Cable



Specialty Optical Fiber Jumper Cable is designed to suit the applications under vulnerable environments and special purpose applications considering the mechanical and environmental conditions. The optical fiber cable is provided complete with special connector arrangement on both ends of cable for the ease of cable laying convenience & connections at emergency situations.


  • Connection of specialty optical fiber connector of 1~4 core cables
  • Connector construction of protective cover connecting section
  • Ease of handling with compact and light weight
  • Tubing with Aluminum or Stainless Steel provided with diverse connector connection availability
  • Use of cable moving bobbin for easy moving for emergency application
  • Coating material : Flame retardant PVC, PU, LSZH
  • Operating Temperature Range : -40~70℃


  • For emergency area, national disaster area and military applications
  • For optical fiber cable assembly
  • Communication terminals or connection between equipment

Technical Specifications

Item Class Outer Diameter (mm) Weight (kg/km) Max. Tensile Load (kg·f) Min. Bending Radius (mm)
No. of Cores Type Installation Operation
Rectangle 4 TBF 3(H)X6(W) 25 150 D X 20 D X 10
48 150
Circle 3(H)X6(W) 40 150

Connector Specifications

Item Water Proofing Test(10m) Contact Test (500) Connecting Attenuation Temperature Characteristic Salt Spray Test
Result Pass Pass Max. 1.0 Max. 1.5 Good
Test Water Proofing Test: 5 min. test on the receptacle & plug sprayed with water from 1.3m distance
Temperature Test Condition: 5 routines under +70℃ for 30min. / -40℃ for 30min. (Total 5 hours)
Salt Test : Test inside the Temperature Chamber for 48 hours
(Density – 5%, pH6.8, Temperature – 35℃, Spray Liquid : 2.4ml/h)